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Filters for E.D.M./Wire Cut Machines
Filters for E.D.M./Wire Cut MachinesWith the increase in our satisfied customer list, grows our range of products as well. And thus an increase in our scope and horizon which not only ends with Hydraulic Filter Elements. One of such section includes filters for E.D.M. and Wire Cut Machines. With acute competition and ever increasing demand of reducing filter cost, our elements have come out with flying colors both in terms of quality and price. Our valued customers are very much satisfied with our quality and services for the same. But this does not leave us with this much only, we keep on striving for better quality products and thus from time to time we keep on trying newer products and material to provide our clients with even better results.


  • Rugged, fully supported element construction with high collapse strength and filtration integrity.
  • Filtration media has a unique structure with a fixed graded pore construction of inert, impregnated and bonded with specifically formulated resins for longer service life.
  • Good precipitation and high dirt holding capacity.
  • One to one replacement for all kinds of machines.
  • Depending on requirement, special purpose filters can also be made
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