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tank top filters Tank Top Filters:

Designed to be mounted directly on tank top and bottom with a flow range up to 300 LPM bearing a pressure of 10 bar. Material of construction is Aluminium and MS casting both. The micron rating depends on the usage, up to 20µ for return line and for Suction line, 80 to 120µ.
filter units Filter Units:

Consists of both Simplex and Duplex filter units installed with both types of filter elements, wire mesh type basket filter or bag type basket filter for fine dust collecting. Can be designed for any size and easy to clean basket elements. With the duplex filter unit, the flow can be made un-interrupted as well keeping the machines in work continuously.
suction filters Air Ventilation Filters:

These consists of both pre-filters having an efficiency up to 95% with a micron rating of 5-25µ, made up of synthetic non-woven washable fabric media and secondly fine filters having efficiency up to 99.9% down to 1µ. These filters are used for air ventilation purpose and air blowers.
bag filters Bag Filters:

Dust collector bags made up of non-woven polyester fabric media down to 1µ. These bag filters have very high dirt holding capacity and can be cleaned with back flushing technology. These can bear temperature up to 150ºC.
spin-on filters Spin-On Filters:

These are industrial Spin-On filters used for low pressure return line and suction. These are easy to change and use and are pleated type in order to provide the maximum filtration area.

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