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In today’s competitive environment no company can sustain and survive without the right mix of research, development and maintaining high quality standard. The same philosophy is being followed in our company and proper emphasis is being given towards maintaining International Level Quality Standards along with excessive development towards increasing the quality of our products.

We at Chadha Industries put special efforts in the manufacturing process of filters and filter elements in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand from all segments of society, to increase the efficiency of our products. We leave no stone unturned in order to fulfill the demands of our clients as far as reliability of quality, efficiency and dirt holding capacity of a product is concerned.

Our filters are regularly tested under rigorous testing conditions, both in house and by independent testing laboratories around the world. This is to ensure that our testing and quality meets the international norms of testing of filters at the World platform.

In order to have more knowledge about our testing and quality facility please feel free to contact us.

Mean and Max. pore test machine Collapse and burst resistance machine
Mean and Max. pore test Collapse and burst resistance
Filter performance test machine Proof of integrity and quality machine
Filter performance test Proof of integrity and quality
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