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We lay our foundation back in 1964 when the company started off as a partnership firm manufacturing automobiles filters, filters for heavy earth movers and many more. But the turning point came in the year 1992 when the leadership came into the hands of our Managing Director Mr. R.K. Chadha, under whose vision and guidance the company has achieved huge success and will continue to do so.

Back in 1992 we shifted our tracks from automobiles and heavy earth mover to Hydraulic filters, and since then there has been no looking back. The company has achieved constant growth since then and we have mastered the art of making best quality hydraulic filters along with all off track custom made items.

With each passing year we achieve new heights and strive for more. With the infusion of young blood and experienced minds the company is setting targets to be the best in its field in the country.

The combined effect of good work ethic, efficient team work and excellent leadership has helped to transform the company into a family, where everyone works for the rise of the company and in return the rise of anyone attached with the company.

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