Fuel Filters

Coalescer & Separator Filters


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  • Diesel/ HSD/ Petrol
  • Naphtha
  • ATF
  • MGO
  • Kerosene


  • Assembly Design as per ASME BPVC Codes 2015
  • Coalescer and separator cartridges are used in tandem to improve water removal efficiency
  • Filter elements for fuel are tested for high water removal efficiency as per EI1581
  • Pre-filters have become a prerequisite in order to increase overall performance and change over lead time
  • Specialty media are used to achieve high filtration efficiency up to 99% down to 4µ
  • Water removal efficiency down to 50 ppmv from as high as 1000 ppmv or up to 90%
  • Special design for pre-filter housing in order to achieve particle retention down to 5 micron with high efficiency >95%