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Pioneers of Industrial Filtration

The saga of Chadha Industries dates back to early 60’s wherein a simple idea of developing filter through products used for daily usage resulted in establishment of the Company and developing and manufacturing filters for early automotive after-market industry present in the country. With passing time we gained more expertise and started developing filters for Heavy Earth, D.G. Sets and others.

Though the early pace was sluggish it didn’t hamper us from moving forward and during mid 90’s came the opportunity wherein we moved our entire product base to industrial filters.

Since then we have achieved a tremendous growth trajectory along with indigenous technical understanding of various products, which has brought us to a stage wherein we have set the pace to establish ourselves as one of the leading players in the market with proud belief of being an ‘Indigenous Filter Manufacturer’.


“Pioneers of Industrial Filtration”

Though our presence is only being felt in the last decade or so we have set the wheel in motion to capture market on pan-India basis in the next few years while at the same time preparing ourselves to setting foot in the International Market.



Our History

A Five Decade Old Company

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    aRKe Brand was born in a small room apartment with the idea of trying to manufacture filter cartridge for trucks and buses, using material that can be found and used in daily household and thus a partnership firm was born among family members.

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    Rein of the company fell into the hands of Mr. R.K.Chadha after dissolving of the partnership firm and with other members of the family agreed and finally moved out to manage their already existing firms.

    It was a time of extreme hardship as the company was passed on with huge debts and no money at all to fund operations.

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    Eight long years of personal sacrifice, efforts and hardships by Mr. R.K.Chadha lead us achieve a point where in we can say we have achieved deep rooted base for future growth.


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    Mr. Nipun Chadha, second member of the third generation to join the family business. An extra pair of hands to make the company think and operate in a more professional manner.

    His ideas and thoughts have helped us take steps into unknown territory for further expansion.

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    Introduction of Offline filtration system with high flow rate, bigger oil tank capacity (even up to and above 40KL) and extremely high dirt holding capacity.

    This equipment can help one achieve extremely low NAS value without disturbing the operation of a running system.

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    Ventured into manufacturing of filters for Heavy earth moving equipment industry as an addition to automotive filters.


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    The turning point we ventured into OEM business for and helped our most premier customer till date in reducing their dependence towards imports for high quality hydraulic and lubricating filters.

    Their continuous support and our honest endeavor lead to our first quality supply after 2 long years and marked our entry into the territory of Hydraulic Filters.

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    Mr. Sharad Chadha, 3rd generation in line joined the workforce a starting point for a fresh Engineer to make his mark in the world of filtration.

    This began the idea of becoming a filtration expert organization with reaches at every corner of the country.

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    Introduction of ELC machines in the product profile for offline cleaning of a wide variety of oil with viscosity up to 400 cSt and can help reduce contamination in the system drastically.


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