Testing Jargons

  • Micron rating :
    • Absolute: a rating wherein the efficiency required at a particular micron rating is as high as 99.9%
    • Nominal: a rating wherein the efficiency at a particular micron rating would be in a range of 80-95%
  • Beta ratio: Ratio of upstream and downstream particles. Standard value for critical applications is either >200 equivalent for efficiency of 99.5% or >1000 equivalent for efficiency of 99.9%
  • Initial ΔP is a measure of resistance caused by the filter cartridge and is dependent on air permeability of media, filtration area, flow rate, line pressure and viscosity of fluid.
  • ISO 4406: Cleanliness levels are defined by three numbers (denoted as 21/18/13) corresponding to 4, 6 and 14 micron, in that order. Each number refers to an ISO code range which is determined by number of particles for that size and larger present in 1ml of fluid.

Testing Facilities

  • Oil sample testing as per ISO 4406/ NAS 1638 value determination (bottle sampling PAMAS)
  • Fuel testing for dissolved water concentration determination: Karl Fischer titrator
  • Tensile testing for end caps (up to 5 ton)
  • Leakage testing for spin-on filters and small assembly for pressure up to 10 bar
  • Static high-pressure testing for assembly up to 450 bars (manual)
  • Life-cycle pressure testing for assemblies up to a range of 350 Bars


  • Is your oil report good enough? Then why does system break-downs happen in a few years?
  • How clean is your oil, check what ISO 20/18/15 or equivalent NAS 9 oil looks like.
  • Quality and R&D goes hand in hand and thus we keep testing new materials to improve overall efficiency and performance of filters
  • Role of a filter is to reduce particle from a system and should not be measured in terms of how much days of performance can it provide
  • Are your systems designed to showcase when to change filters? Ask our experts to get better clarity and understanding

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